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Food Court, Carosello, Carugate (MI)

EuroCommercial Properties


Construction: Jan. 2009 – Oct. 2009

Gross floor area: 5.000 mq

Construction costs: € 7.000.000,00 ca.

Concept: DunnettCraven, London

Local Architect: Systemtica, Milan

M+E Engineering: Ariatta, Milan

Structural Engineering: Redesco, Milan

Landscape: Land, Milan

Project management for the expansion of a shopping centre in Carugate, near Milan. Following the shopping centre expansion of the previous year, this project involved further enlargement of the sales area to define a zone dedicated to gastronomy. The food court consists of a double-height central dining space crowned by three large, organically-shaped skylights. The project’s construction schedule was planned to minimise its negative impact on the daily operations. BEAR Project Management’s responsibilities included the coordination of the consultants during the design and construction phases, the management of the tender process and as principal interface between the client and the consultants and contractors.


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