BEAR Project Management


Cost saving

Energy saving

In the real estate industry, the Project Manager supports the Client in programming and monitoring the project, optimizing and addressing resources towards reaching predetermined goals.

The Project Manager manages the project directly, guides and coordinates the team to ensure that it operates efficiently during each of the project activities, starting from the planning phase through to project completion.

In short, the PM fulfills the role of project leader on behalf of the investor or owner, with the objective of programming, facilitating and guiding each stage – design, procurement, construction – of the project process, by optimizing timing, limiting wasted energy and resources as much as possible, also on an
economic level

BEAR PM’s project management system provides the following benefits to the client:

  • faster response time to changes
  • better project organization
  • earlier project completion
  • improved project quality
  • successful completion of technical, economic
  • and temporal objectives
  • increased client revenue