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Cookies are lines of text that act as data markers, sent by a server (in this case, that of the site) towards a user device (generally to an Internet browser) the moment that these access a data page of a website. The cookies, which can also be set by web sites other than the one that the user is actually visiting (“third party cookies”), are automatically memorized by the user browser and retransmitted to the server which had generated them each time the user accesses the same Internet page. In this way, for example, these cookies allow and/or facilitate access to some Internet pages to improve User navigation (in other words, they allow memorizing the pages visited and other specific information, for example, such as more frequently consulted pages, connection errors, etc.), or allow profiling activities. Therefore, for the complete ease of use of a website, it would be appropriate for the user to configure their browser in a way that accepts receiving such cookies.
Often, browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. However, users may modify the predefined configuration, in order to disable or cancel cookies (each time or definitively), with the result, however, that optimum fruition of some site areas could be compromised. It is also possible to check the methods and types of cookies memorized on your browser by modifying the cookie settings.

Characteristics and purpose of cookies

Our site uses only technical and functional cookies, directly from, which are considered indispensable for appropriate site operation.
These cookies serve to help your navigation on the site and use its functions. They are essential cookies, also defined as “strictly necessary”, that enable functions without which it would not be possible to fully use the site or permit performance. The “performance cookie” allows improving site functions.

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